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Useful books about Myanmar

Few books on Myanmar have been written with thorough research undertaken in-country, largely due to restricted access, and many texts focus explicitly on documenting and publicizing human rights abuses. It is difficult therefore for books alone to provide a balanced introduction to the country, though the following are recommended as a useful books about Myanmar.

  • The River of Lost Footsteps’, by Thant Myint U
  • Between China and India’, by Thant Myint U
  •  The Burman’, by Shway Yoe/Sir James George Scott (written in the colonial era but still an interesting
  •  Fiery Dragons’, by Sean Turnell (good for volunteers in the livelihoods programme, this is a history of Burma’s banking and money lending systems)
  • Burma Chronicles’, by Guy Delisle
  • The Trouser People’, by Andrew Marshall
  • A History of Myanmar Since Ancient Times’, by Michael Aung Thwin and
  • Maitrii Aung-Thwin (takes an especially nationalist Myanmar perspective)
  • Karaoke Fascism’, by Monique Skidmor
  •  Living Silence in Burma: Surviving under Military Rule’, by Christina Fink

Try also looking for articles on the internet authored by the following group of recent authors on Myanmar: Sean Turnell, Monique Skidman, Nic Cheesman, Ashley South, Tom Kramer.

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