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Online community in Myanmar for Expats

if you are coming to Myanmar, you need to know Myanmar internet landscape and online community in Myanmar. In this post, we are going to provide information about online community in Myanmar for Expats community.

Since 2012, Myanmar gained easily access to internet than before. In the past, have personal access to internet can be regarded as a privilege things. Most of the public have to use internet at Internet cafe.

But after introducing of mobile 3G network, Myanmar is jumped into social media platform especially Facebook.

We can say that Myanmar internet using pattern skipped web and directly move to social media.

So if you would like to contact and engage with most of the Myanmar people, it is better to use through social media especially on Facebook.

And also Expats in Myanmar are also creating online spaces to communicate each other and communicate with locals.

The followings are the most active and the most vibrant Expat online communities in Myanmar.

Yangon Expat Network:

Expats job in Myanmar:

Real Estate for Expat:

Yangon Connection:

Another Yangon Connection:

What is happening in Yangon:

Expat Useful blogs and websites

The followings are useful blogs and websites for Expat in Yangon


Jobs for Expat: Jobs for Expats in Yangon 

If you are thinking to work as a Digital Nomad in Yangon, this is nomad guide to live in Yangon.



So you might have a question that ” how can Digital marketing agencies survive in Myanmar?”

In Myanmar, when we say digital marketing, people are thinking about social media marketing. As I said above, Myanmar internet users are congested on Facebook, but there are some population still using search engine for their work and other things. You can read about SEO Business landscape in Myanmar written by SEO freelancer Aung Hein. You can read here:

If you are looking for Digital marketing and SEO agencies in Myanmar, here is our bucket list.

Amara Digital Marketing (

SEO Myanmar (

Blink Agency (

Sawleen Digital Studio (


Freelance opportunity in Myanmar for Expats

If you are thinking to do freelance work in Myanmar, there will be some possibilities to work. You can either live physically in Myanmar or you can work remotely from other countries. E-commrece business will be challenging in Myanmar. You will not be successful like which is quite successufl classified ads in European countries.

Now Myanmar is in need for qualified digital marketers, programmer and web developer, and also designer.

Myanmar people are now more tend to work with freelance and also start to engage with websites where you can create some works instantly. Here is one example of website. logo maker

If you want to know more about Myanmar, leave your questions below comments, we will try to answer to your questions. We also would like to encourage you to explore your blogs as you can find some useful information for you.

This post will lave as an open post as we will update time to time.

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