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Embassies in Yangon

Embassies in Yangon

EMBASSIES IN Yangon, MYANMAR Although capital city of Myanmar is moved to Naypyidaw and most of the government and it’s related offices are moved to Naypyidaw. Foreign Embassies are still operating in Yangon till now. But we heard that Embassies also have to move to Naypyidaw in near future. But we think there will be only delegate level in Naypyidaw. All the visa and other process can be completed and processed in Yangon. The followings […]

What is the postal code of Yangon?

Postal code of Yangon

What is the postal code of Yangon? Where can I find postal code of Yangon? The following are postal code of Yangon. Yangon postal codes are the most frequent required postal codes. Nowadays, you need to fill postal codes in most of the online things (eg. ordering something from online shop, filling out some member forms etc). This post will help you to find postal code easily. Just scrolling down until you get the postal […]