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Search Posts, a Myanmar Based social network

Myanmar Based social network named “” is being launched among Myanmar Facebook users. This system has been developed since around May 2018 after Facebook faced it’s data leakage issue in United stated. Yan Naing Myint, a founder of, is a famous IT professional in Myanmar and his aims to have local based more secure social network for Myanmar users. His effort is supported by many people as people are starting tired of using Facebook.  

Myanmar Public Holidays 2019

The following dates are Myanmar Public Holidays 2019. But we will keep updating this list as some of the holiday dates are not set yet. Myanmar is well known for having many public holidays in a Year. Date Day Holiday 4 Jan Fri Independence Day 13 Jan Sun Kayin New Year 12 Feb Tue Union Day 2 Mar Sat Peasants’ Day 20 Mar Wed Full Moon Day of Tabaung 27 Mar Wed Armed Forces Day […]

Online community in Myanmar for Expats

if you are coming to Myanmar, you need to know Myanmar internet landscape and online community in Myanmar. In this post, we are going to provide information about online community in Myanmar for Expats community. Since 2012, Myanmar gained easily access to internet than before. In the past, have personal access to internet can be regarded as a privilege things. Most of the public have to use internet at Internet cafe. But after introducing of […]

Useful books about Myanmar

Where China meets India

Few books on Myanmar have been written with thorough research undertaken in-country, largely due to restricted access, and many texts focus explicitly on documenting and publicizing human rights abuses. It is difficult therefore for books alone to provide a balanced introduction to the country, though the following are recommended as a useful books about Myanmar. The River of Lost Footsteps’, by Thant Myint U Between China and India’, by Thant Myint U  The Burman’, by […]

Embassies in Yangon

Embassies in Yangon

EMBASSIES IN Yangon, MYANMAR Although capital city of Myanmar is moved to Naypyidaw and most of the government and it’s related offices are moved to Naypyidaw. Foreign Embassies are still operating in Yangon till now. But we heard that Embassies also have to move to Naypyidaw in near future. But we think there will be only delegate level in Naypyidaw. All the visa and other process can be completed and processed in Yangon. The followings […]

What is the postal code of Yangon?

Postal code of Yangon

What is the postal code of Yangon? Where can I find postal code of Yangon? The following are postal code of Yangon. Yangon postal codes are the most frequent required postal codes. Nowadays, you need to fill postal codes in most of the online things (eg. ordering something from online shop, filling out some member forms etc). This post will help you to find postal code easily. Just scrolling down until you get the postal […]